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Had Gene the Bagel Boy, Reel Ron, Antonio and Mac For a bottom trip today...

Headed to the grounds... Got anchored up and picked a few fish but way mor shorts and way to many over 12"s under 12 1/2in... Moved around and had similar Life on most pieces heavy with shorts. The guys worked hard weeding thru the shorts to muster up a tasty catch...

Gene had the hot hand with da fluke landing 2 keeper fluke on a seabass rig with clam... We also had 3 real nice winter flounder and a fat blackfish that went back to the sea... Seen a few more ling than we been seeing today witha couple of fatties.

The 4 man crew boxed just over 5o keeper size fish a mix of seabass and ling...



Stopped on the way in after hearing about the epic bass bite but it wasnt happening at the time...

Thanks Guys

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