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Wow, so my fishing is gonna be limited this summer. Apparently I'm going to be working as much overtime as possible. Ciara and I decided to take advantage of housing prices and get ourselves into a single family. We're not sure what is more exciting, having a yard, having a garage & Driveway (so friends don't have to walk 300 yds down the street to get to the house) Having 3400 sq ft of space (that we don't have near enough furniture to fill). Unless there is a problem with the appraisal of the house or the home inspection we will close on 7/30/09. We have plans to paint only two rooms after we buy it (pink master bedroom & green with rust stripe bedroom) before we start moving stuff in. We're going to keep both of our other houses as rentals. Mine in Manassas already has a renter in it and the house we're in now in centreville will be ready to rent out by the end of August at the latest (so if you know anyone looking to rent in the NOVA area let me know, its a nice 3 bdrm, 3 lvl townhouse in a nice quiet neighborhood :) ).


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