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Sunday morning was a challenge, getting bait was tuff! What’s up with that? Before a charter I allow an hour to gather bait before meeting my clients. Chumming and only getting pinfish was frustrating as I also wanted a live well full of white baits. Bait which is easily heard flipping on the flats was no where. I moved several times struggling to gather 50 pieces. I thought it was me but clearly the actions of the other boaters were clear it was just tuff.


First stop of the day was the redfish spot but upon arrival it was already occupied and the anglers there were into the big golden bruisers. So we ran out to the beach for snook. With no sun and a south west wind the water clarity would not allow me to sight fish. At this time I made the call to blind cast right up on the beach in 3’ of water. One hit was all we could come up with. While anchored a pleasure boat pulled within 20 yards and proceeded to gun his engine forwards and reserves while anchoring. While on the water be respectful of others is my advise. I thanked the Captain and left.


Next stop Tampa Bays eastern shoreline. Snook here did not disappoint as we quickly starting hooking up. The snook were very tight to the mangroves; a quality cast resulted in an explosive hit! With the tide high you could hear and see snook popping baits way back into the mangroves. At one point it sounded like fireworks deep into the mangroves pop pop pop! Snook make a very distinctive pop sound when inhaling baits, once you her it you will never forget it.


A large Ray cruised by and we noticed a Cobia on top as it passed. The Ray circled back so we fired a pinfish at it; the Cobia turned and attacked the bait but somehow missed. Very exciting watching this happen.




Keep an eye towards the sky as we move into T storm season. Most storms pass quickly allowing to get back safely onto the water.

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