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O.k., where's all the folks from the Rhode Island area. Including you Mass guy's that fish here when the Cape is Plover closed?

I'm always looking for new folks to fish with, actually, when I fish it's more like hunting.

I tend to be on the more extreme side of surfcasting, and a lot of folks have the same response when we get to my favorite spots, it's usually, "your kidding me right?"

Let's hear it guy's.

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not too many rhodie guys around here. been up there a few times (my cousin is in the CG in newport). we tried along the rocks at soem places that looks very fishy, but never did that well.

some guys from work and i went on the gail francis in feb for cod. what a miserable trip! too many new yorkers! they had that boat so overloaded all we did was catch the other side of the boat.

lucky for me, they transferred my cousin to key west.....

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