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Saw a break in the rain this morning and called my buddy James and woke him up. Then called Jason and woke him up. The three of us headed out for a few hours before the monsoons came.

since the weather looked like the bottom could fall out of the sky at any moment we kept it close and fished the small boat channel. the way the wind and current were pushing us the drift went right along the bridge (from south to north), instead of away from it. we were using gudgeons and squid sandwhichs. first flounder came in a bit small, 18.5" (real close). then a real small one, then we got our first and only keeper at 22". after that was two more smalls ones and another at 18.75" (even closer). wind picked up a little and with a quick run back to lynnhaven (@ 50mphs i might add) we were back dockside.

not a bad day for only a few hours on the water. the two 18 inchers that were thrown back were both tagged.

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