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I love to share knowledge, it's something I was taught 35 years ago from my mentor.

I love the challenge of Stripers from a reef, or rock pile, on plugs turned on my lathe, and rods built by my hands.

I love the sight of a trophy Bass swimming away after giving me it's all and giving her a good look in the eye, saying Thank You, see ya later.

I like the taste of a minimum sized fish panned in olive oil with a little garlic, some celery salt and black pepper.

What I love more than anything else, is watching a newb land their first, keeper or short, and the look in the eyes that tells you they are as addicted as a junky to heroin.

I love fishing with friends that I have helped become better surf casters with a conservation mind set release fish over 40 pounds without a blink.

I love the sound of crashing waves washing up on reef points, swirling back through the crevasses, topping the sound of the wind, at false dawn, in the fog.

I love watching a pencil popper get crushed by a schoolie with an airborn leap from the top during a purple, red, and orange sunset.

I love places like this;








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Excellent introduction, we all love to read well thought out writings, such as this one.

Welcome to the board.

Glad to have you here!

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Steve, I've been lurking around for a while, as the place I used to call home was getting a little out of control with commercialization. It was a place I came upon years ago and was a single digit member. As time ticked around the face of the clock, the place grew. The foundation laid by the original gang of idiots, as we called ourselves, was one of accepting the new, passing knowledge without location or direction, and helping those that truly sought the ways of a Striperman. The site was sold and next thing you know it's nothing but a bragging board for charter guy's to show pictures of as many large dead fish as they could kill. Then came the lazy, with the demands of where, when, and how, along with driving directions to your best spots. Heavan forbid you didn't give them immediate satisfaction.

I'm looking forward to sharing what I know, an occasional picture of a few fish, usually released, except when I'm hungry for a fillet.

As I posted above, I'm a custom rod builder, and plug maker. The rod in the picture above was actually one I made for a client 12 years ago, that couldn't make the payment when I finshed. It is now my go to rod for slinging pencils and Eels.

Here's a few plugs I did this past winter, all for personal use and gifts for the guy's I fish with.







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Great shots and nice work.

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Um, we'll be your "friends", LOL!!!!

But seriously, darned nice work, great pics and welcome home!

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