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Today was supposed to be so nice today with a slight SW wind of 10kts. NOPE! It was blowing from the SW alright but it was 15+. There was a SE swell of about 3 feet with a SW chop of about 2 feet and the ocean was like a washing machine. We headed out to BR and the dirty water met us there. It apparently affected the fish as well because I did not find the amberjack like I did a few days before. They moved on out with the clean water. We still had a great time and caught quite a few fish. We ended up with a 10lb snapper, 15lb red grouper, 38lb amberjack, 25lb amberjack, 38 beeliners up to 3lbs, a few big black sea bass, a few triggerfish, and of course some sharpnose sharks. What a great bunch of men. I enjoyed the day with them and I know those fish will be enjoyed! The ocean did lay down finally for a nice ride back to the dock at least. Keep those rods bent!





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