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Well as always it been a hit a miss type of bite both north and south... With the early morning and late afternoons seeing the best bites... Fishing has been better on the pm trips the last few days which we do see this time off the Year as long as the S wind arent cranking.... Plenty of bunker around as far as you can see.

Got a bunch of first stripers and personal bests along with a couple of slow trips...Here is the recap

Mon 6/1 Am - Had Coolhand AL, Jt, Gene Bagel Boy, and Al Tomzack and friends aboard... Went out the inlet and had Bunkers and fish on them... Seen boats hooking up near, we went 3 - 8 but after the early morning bite that was it... We searched and were in bunker all day but that was it for the action. Congrats to Al tomzach new personal best 27lbs!!!

Mon 6/1 Pm - Had Steve Seneff, Jorge with a J, Ryan Scubanut and His Father and Jt stayed for the Double... Well the south wind really started howling, What a blown forecast... headed out in 4-6 fters, def would have canceled if it was forecasted and we knew what it was... But we had lots of bunker from the am trip and Got a Call fron Capt Freddy and Capt Carlos Andreas Toy that they chunked them thanks guys!!!!... So since we were going to be on the anchor we proceeded on... Got anchored up and it was a decent bite but the blues were fierce... Ryan was Quick man first to Limit as well as Jt and Congrats to Jorge with a J for landed his personal Best and limit... We wound up with 7 keepers and lots of blues... Lost a bunch too.could have stayed and caught them through dark but we left for the eveil ride home.

Tues 6/2 Am - Had Brian, Brian Jr, and Bob Bates along... Headed south and was in the mash pit of miles of bunker and boats... Friends had a good bite don't that way the day before... piles and piles of bunker but we had no takers...Finally got out of there digusted ran 24 miles to the north.. tried deep shallow structure but wasn't our day.... Bob Bates saved the Skunked landing our 1 keeper bass. we missed 2 more.... and had some blues...

Tues 6/2 Pm - Had Brian Taylor and family aboard Mike wells and stelly filled out the crew... Headed out and started grabbing some bunker again we no fish on them... But as the afternoon went on the life picked up... finally readem stacked under the boat and they started coming up for for the bunker every drift we started crashing them on top.15 year old Jake (from Helena, Montana), Brian and His father all landed their first stripers and limits!!! . Lab and Stelly also did well... It was so Nice out and i still read them under the boat so we anchored up and chunked the rest of the guys 5 man limit... Action was great had a ton of bites prob went 10 for 25... no blues... seen a whale again .... Great afternoon/night on the water...Ps Thanks Capt Vito aka da king for hooking us up with a LOAD of bunker!!!










Thanks Everyone

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Beautiful shots. Thanks for the report. :)

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