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Chessie Bay was flat this morning. Put in at Solomon's at 7:30, zero wind and 50 degrees.

Motored out to 65' of water off Cove Point.

Trolling thirteen lines in the water.

Mixture of green or white doubles and umbrella rigs.

First fish on at 8:30, was a 33", toss back.

No fish for a couple of hours.

One knock down off the outrigger with a white double 9" shad set.

Got off before I could get the rod.

Another large hit on outrigger, white parachute with 6" shads.

Tried to release from outrigger clip, no go.

Started working it in, fight was good, had to get the clip up to the boat for a straight-on fight.

Fish gave a real hard pull and line broke at rigger clip.

Two hours pass, nothing.

Worked north and south near the LP docks and across the channel to 110' water.

Fish took another 9" white double set shad.

Had anotherknock down with shad torn.

Water surface temp 65 degrees, could have been a Blue.

Hour later get two on white 6" & 9" shad double rigs.

Tally for 7 hrs trolling:

1 - 33" throwback

3 - 40-46" Stripers.

Didn't weigh them, average weight for length.

One female had dead roe, all others had spawned.

Mmmm, having Black Drum tonight for dinner and Striper tomorrow night.

Ain't life terrible? :mrgreen:





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