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Got a kinda last minute phone call from a buddy that had a spot to fill on 44 Viking. Said they was going drumming and needed one more. So I said sure I'll go. Glad I did. Best drum trip I had this year.

Crew was Frank (boat owner), Capt. Karry, Bob, Wes, Ronnie, and me. Six folks on the boat. We departed Salt ponds and headed across to Fisherman's Island. It was still a little snotty from Small Craft Advisory yesterday morning, but a 44 foot boat is not a small craft and the ride was smooth all the way across. As the day grew longer the wind dropped out steadily.

Wes had a buddy that fished during the day and was still out there. He had 8 drum, 6 blacks and 2 reds so we started near them off of Bouy 11. Wes caught a rat red that measured 42 inches after about an hour. We decided to move to a spot that I had been catching a few fish from and another buddy had been catching from.

Got set up on the new spot and it was game on. As the ebb tide faded the bite turned on. We caught 6 fish between 8:45pm and 11pm and had two more on but the hooks pulled.

Capt. Karry was first to score with a 47.5 inch red. It was then Franks turn. His red was 44 inches. Ronnie then put one in the boat that was 49 and then Bob had his turn and the biggest of the night at 49.5. That was Bob's first big red. Hell of a first one Bob. It was finally my turn and I put a red one in the boat that measured 47.5. I only have a pic of my fish as everyone had there own camera. Hopefully some of the guys will see this and add there pics.

We were fishing off 8 and 10 and anchored in 23.4 feet of water. The 4 citations hit whole live crab and the others hit a crab clam sandwich. All fish were tagged and released. It was a great night and we left them biting around 11pm. I'm glad I got the phone call because it was a great trip with a great group of guys.


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Nice looking fish !!

I kayaked over to Smith with Rick C last sunday morning and fished it from the beach at the south east end in the cut that follows the beach before the shoal starts for 4 hours during the last of the outgoing and first of the incoming with absolutely no runs on the long rods using hard crabs but we did pick up a few short flatties in the wash with the small rods using a leadhead/Gulp/Gudgeon set up.

Left the beach and fished some nice drifts in Magothey going back to the ramp for Flounders. I caught a bunch more shorts but Rick scored with a 20 and 24"er.


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NO circles for me. I've lost to many to the circle hook. I use 9/0 with clams and 10/0 with the live crabs. I use gamakatsu octopus J hooks. Thanks for the comment on the tag. We tagged all the fish that night and all were about in the same spot.

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