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Dave Chartered the boat out today along with Good friends and Fam.

Headed out around 6 to acres of bunker and acres of Boats right outside...

Snagged a bunch and started seeing a few pods Getting excited. Finally Got our first few runs offs but we pulled the hook on one and missed another... Set up again and got 2 more run offs and went 1 for 2...

Worth the wait to see land his first striper ever!!! but that was it for our bass action... Headed up the beach stopping on pods but no action for us... Got up to da rocks but all we had were blues tearing us up on the 3 drifts we did...

Decided to make a few drops bottomfishing... Got set u and had drop n reel action but most were the wrong size... Had some keepers in the mix but ya had to weed through em... Few ling as well... The new half in hurt today... with most of the shorts being over 12in but under 12 1/2.

We wound up with 1 striper, 30 keeper seabass a few ling,blues and eel for da smoker...

Thanks Dave for Putting it together!!!




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First one was a big one,Good job,You are a fine fisherman.

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