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Hello All,

I am new to the world of surf fishing. I have fished fresh water the majority of my life. I visit the <ACRONYM title="Outer Banks">OBX</ACRONYM> 2-3 times per year and would like to learn how to surf fish. I have some old 10-11ft rods with bigger reels on them that seem to be in good shape. I will be staying in the Corolla/Duck area in July. Any advice on rigs, bait, or anything? Thanks

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The rods are of good size, just make sure you have fresh line on the reels and they are cleaned & lubed.

You can use the standard fish finder rig that most use.

Stick a Bunker head or body chunk on an 8/0 - 15/0 circle hook.

Don't forget about sand spikes.....

Lots of threads on here about rigging, I won't duplicate them.

Most of all....


And welcome to the board!

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