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:icon_wink:Hit the inlet with Kibaro on his boat this am.

Tide was at the end and ripping out, then slack for the first part of the morning and not much to show.

Kibaro had a 16" pup and we both had some throw back flounder on gudgeons. Weed was not cooperating for the longest time, but once the tide turned and started coming back in we picked up a few more flounder up to 17.5" and a few croaker as well. Lost about a half dozen or so flounder at the boat.

Nice morning and we were back at the dock by noon as the boats started to fill the inlet after church let out.

Thanks for the trip Kibaro and a few more tagged flounder in the book!:icon_wink:

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When I drove over the lesner there were a lot of boats inside the inlet.

Nice work on the fishing!

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