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Started at the pier this morning with the standard 1/4oz red jig head and pearl gulp swimming mullet. Wind was wsw at about 6-8 and was was stained, but not bad.

Picked up flounder right from the start and had a friend show up and began teaching him some flounder techniques. Water started ripping, so we went from the pier down to the corner area and set up shop there.

Slow going for us, but picked up a few more flounder. Saw a nice 5-7 pound blue caught on the outside, but then the bottom dropped out there as well.

Back to the pier and the current was slowing down and the flounder bite was pretty decent again for about another hour or so.

Between us and a few others today, I tagged a total of 28 flounder from 9"-15". Missed a few and had a few come unbuttoned on the way up as usual. Starting off the year good with regards to tagging flounder compared to last year, hope it is a good sign for the fishery.

Others today were catching some small to medium croaker with a few nice croaker mixed in as well. cownose rays patrolling the shallows looking for crabs, so make sure your drag is set correct if you are bait fishing!

Might have at it again tomorrow................and it was nice to see Andrew and a few others out there today as well!:happy7:

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Hey Steve, good fishing with you today. im heading out to ruddee tonight for the heck of it, see you next weekend.

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Hit the pier this afternoon for a few hours and ended up tagging 13 flounder up to 16".

Very slow and really had to work for the flounder today. Actually Gulp was not working today and i ended up getting a few small spot and croaker from fellow fisherman and stripped them out. The fresh strips caught the most fish today by far.

Saw some small to medium croaker, small spot and one small blue caught while I was there.

Did not like the water clarity at all, but it was a beautiful day out there none the less.

Hitting Lynnhaven in a boat tomorrow for a bit in the morning! Maybe find some :grommit::grommit::grommit::grommit::grommit:'s or some bigger flatties!

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