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The late afternoon high tide has snook feeling comfortable and actively attacking white baits. Summer time high tides of 3’ bring water deep back into the mangroves, these high tides makes for great snook fishing. There are many options for catching snook but Captain Steven’s favorite method is fly lined white bait tossed as deep into the mangroves as you dare. If you are not getting hung up now and then you are not in the prime strike zone. Your bait will not want to stay in the strike zone, watch your line carefully and when the bait gets several feet away from the mangroves reel in and recast. If your line is in the mangrove but the baits in the water let it be, chances are a snook will take the bait and pull the line out of the mangroves.


With most of the big snook on the gulf beaches it was no surprise the majority of the snook we took were 20-24”. As the tide receded away from the mangroves the snook staged on sandy potholes adjacent to the mangroves. When this occurs I often will place a small float on the client’s line to keep the white bait out of the grass. Whether we were fishing in the mangroves or the potholes chumming is important. Not only does it fire up the snook it shows you were they are. Look for jacks to be mixed in as will redfish.


The big redfish bite we have been on was ok yesterday but was not to be found today. This was only the second time in the last month we did not take a redfish over 30”.


Baits still plentiful on the flats around the skyway bridge, chum along with a good cast net is all that’s needed to stuff the live well.




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