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Fathers Day is just around the corner June 21. One of the most commons emails I get is what is a good gift as Dad is a fisherman. My response is simple, where does you angler fish, fresh or saltwater, what does he target (species) and does he fish from a boat or shore. When in doubt gift certificates are great!


  • Anglers love fishing T shirts
  • Eye protection is critical from the suns harmful rays and if your angler is a sight fisherman it’s even more important. Polarized glasses are essential tools for both the professional Captain and angler.
  • Rods, reels, pliers, terminal tackle make great gifts. Be sure to check with your local tackle dealer, they are in the know and will get you hooked up with what works in your area. The staffs that run these great local stores are fisherman.
  • Fishing charters make for an outstanding gift for Dad. Tarpon and permit fishing in Boca Grande, Offshore grouper and bottom fishing locally, Blue Marlin fishing in <st1:state w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Hawaii</st1:place></st1:state> and my favorite inshore fishing.



Hopefully these few tips are helpful. And to all the Dad’s out there Happy Fathers Day!


Captain Steven

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