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Had David and friends aboard today for a bottom fish trip... But i told then we would look for some bass in the Morning...

Had a buddy out who had his limit North before we left the slip... But when we arrived on scene there was 100 Boats... Got some Bunkers fed them out and went 0 for 1 on our only runoff in the area...

Headed north finally got out of the fleet and headed a little east got on a little patch of Bunker with a little Bird play... 3 rods went off at 1 time... I was very proud of the Guys who went 3 for 3 including our biggest 31lbs and another personal Best... Shortly after we got Our 4th bass...

After the action died we headed off to the seabass ground... anchored up and had a pick of shorts and keepers. We picked and plucked and threw back a bunch of Blackfish... We also wound Up with a keeper Cod and a ling. made a couple drifts for Fluke on the ride in but we only caught some shorts.

We wound up with 4 stripers to 31 lbs, 51 seabass, 1 cod, 1 ling, and released a bunch of blackfish and a couple short fluke.. Some Mixed Bag!!!





Nice Seeing Capt Sharock Eddie and April on the dock!!!

Another Nice day on the water... Thanks Dave for putting it together... See ya soon!

Upcoming Open Boat livelining trips are available... As well a Charters for stripers Bottom or Both...

Give a buzz lets go fishing!!!


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Quite a haul! Nice job putting them on the fish.

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