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The big redfish bite was waiting for my clients Memorial Day. Unlike previous days today it took ten minutes to get the first hook up. Jane who was sitting on the bow was in for a rude awakening as a large redfish slammed her pinfish and gave her a fight she did not expect. Jane did an excellent job keeping the redfish out of trouble and to the boat. A quick photo, check the weight and safely release the bruiser. 30” and almost 10 pounds made for a great start. Jane’s husband pat was not about to be outdone soon landed a solid 10.5 beauty. Most of you have seen Bill Dance of Bass fishing fame doing famous hook set; I am here to tell you Chris put Bill to shame. Twice Chris set the hook so hard it resulted in a snap that sounded like a gunshot! Shortly thereafter both Pat and Chris hooked up at exactly the same time.

When the action slowed we ran over to Pinellas Point where the action has been very good for multiple species. Not today as we took a trout along with hooking up with the man in the gray suit. As the tide improved we headed to Tampa Bay’s eastern shore line to get in some snook action. The action was ok as we landed 3 and lost 5 or 6. Jane’s reel began to screen and it was clear she could not stop the fish. 100 or more yards were now off the reel and we quickly realized Jane hooked a very large ray that had been around the boat earlier. Chris took his turn on the rod with the same results, ray 1 anglers zero.

All in all a very fun day with a great group of people.

Capt. Steven




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