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Took my son out to NOB Pier for a few hours this morning. Between us we tagged and released 8 flounder from 10.5"-12.5" on Gulp! Alive swimming mullets and probably lost about 6 or so as well. :happy1:

My son started to help me out in the tagging process so he was getting into writing and tagging the fish for me. :icon_thumleft:

Bite was sloooooow and had to really let them eat it today. Color was white or chartreuse today as they really didn't seem to care.

My son also scored a roundhead and a pufferfish to go along with the flounder. Saw a few small croaker and one small blue caught.

Cownose rays are on patrol now and the crabs are starting to pick up as well. Looks like the weather will be unpredictable the next few days so we will see if I can get back out or not.

Puffer ready for release (caught on shrimp):


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Pretty work Steve !! I can hear the kid now "Dad, what the heck is this thing ??"

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