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Hi guy's and girls,The bay has been "HOT" for this spring trophy season.Limits every trip,trolling "JUNE BUG SPINNERS",you gotta try them,they have a dot com.Big rockfish up to 42' on my boat ,the "ROCKIN-D".Also fished site #10and#11 and caught a few nice black sea bass,but I got horn dogged.any body who has fished the wrecks and reefs knows what that means.Gotta watch out for that horn on the dorsal fin,it can do damage,as they squirm around.Best to use a <ACRONYM title=Delaware><ACRONYM title=Delaware><ACRONYM title=Delaware>de</ACRONYM></ACRONYM></ACRONYM>-hooker on the side of the boat,and do not bring them over the gunwale.Spiney dogfish,some people eat them,I consider them pest.

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