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Things are happening quickly in the eastern part of Long Island Sound. Bunker have already shown up in the Mystic River and big schools of Striped Bass have set up in the usual areas. This past weekend Robert and friends came out for a steady pick of bass in the 28” to 34” range. The fish have the feed bag on for the migration north, this makes all the usual spots for the Kingfisher right on schedule for bass. Bluefish will be showing up more over the next few weeks so right now it is bass, bass, and more bass. As bigger schools of bunker move into the Mystic area and the Hickory Shad take up residence we will start our live bait trips. Fluke season opens up June 15th which is when we will start our combo trips for big bass on live bait and fluke combo trips. Give us a call if you want to get in on the hot fishing this spring.

Kingfisher Charters


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