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Arrived back at my stomping grounds today after work and was armed with my red 1/4oz jig head and Berkley Gulp Alive 4" swimming mullet. Walked out onto the pier with low expectations due to some stirred up water and ENE winds at 15 with gusts a touch higher.

Started tossing the chartreuse and nothing, so I put on a pearl white. Low and behold I finally cracked the skunkage off my back and pulled out a flounder to tag. First fish from the shore or pier this spring for me. Tagged and released back into the water. Bucket called and I lost another one, so back at it I went.

Worked and worked for a few more minutes, then I found the honey hole and started to pluck the flounder off one by one. Ended up tagging 10 flounder from 11"-16" inches today all on pearl white Gulp. They did not touch any other color and I tried the switch a few times to see what happened. Was a very enjoyable 2 hour trip out and the bite died when the current stopped.

I also had 6 other flounder up to the rail before they came unbuttoned and lost about 4 right at the top of the water, so all in all, I had about 24 fish I had on at some point in some fashion.

Saw one or two small pups up close caught, one nice puffer caught and did see a cownose ray (small one) swimming along.

FELT GOOD!:icon_syda::blob8::icon_syda:

Back at it again soon!

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Way to go on the flounder. I fish that area whenever work brings me on the base. Have you tried along the rocks to the left as you face the pier (west side) ? That corner parking lot down the way has a real nice sandy cut between two big rocks that I always catch fish at.

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