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Just got back to NC from the beach. Fished Friday, Saturday, with Sunday and Monday not going due to gale-force winds and also rain.

Friday - Fished on the area of pier where it rises up (about half way out). Using fresh shrimp from Berry's, I landed several small whiting, along with several small drums. I saw one person walking to wiegh station an estimated 30" king mackeral. This was the only king I saw both days.

Saturday AM - Saw one sheepshead caught...unknown bait. Many small drum and whiting caught on fresh shrimp. Most fish came from south-side of pier.

Saturday PM - There were four guys casting the south side of the pier at almost the end with Got Cha lures. They were literally tearing up the Spanish. I saw them catch around 10 or so in about an hour. The fish were nothing to write home about as far as size, but all were over 14".

Saturday PM - My biggest catch was a string ray. Those are some fighting rascals! It took me about 8 minutes to see what I had caught and get him landed with a drop net. Although disappointed it wasn't a large fish, I realy enjoyed the good fight.

Sunday and Monday - Rain and gale force winds all but closed down the pier, so I was unable to fish any more.

If you go...Get you some Got Cha lures. Cast them off the pier about 4/5's of the way to the end of the pier. Good luck!

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The seas were producing some rough conditions during the past two days... and likely will continue to do so for the rest of this week.


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That water looks beautiful to me! Thanks for the report and picture.

Welcome aboard!

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