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This is an assortment of Sharkin' pics. This was one of my best summers ever. Special thanks to Coop, Steve and Anthony (H20Boss)

for joining me in the fun and helping me learn. You guys are the best and I look forward to catching more and better fish with you and

many others in the future!

This is probably my proudest moment of the summer!


I always liked to let people around me feel the immense power of these awesome creatures.



Here is one of only 3 spinner sharks I caught all summer. A lot of fun to fight.


A big old ray on this one.


Here is Anthony with his Sand Tiger. He is a great sharkin partner! It's cool when you find someone like him who knows exactly what to do without even saying a word.


I caught this bad boy in June!



My biggest Sand Tiger measuring 7'3"!


Scott's (coop) Sand Tiger


Anthony's friend caught this nice Sandbar Shark in late July


I was fighting another big ray here


My biggest ray (landed) I have had others that I couldn't beach!


My gear:



I'm always ready to pounce!


Thanks for looking. If you have ANY questions about how we caught these monsters, feel free to ask. I love any excuse to talk about sharkin!

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Congrats on all them shark....i have a 21ft center console....and we've been catching the sandbar sharks out there at little gull.....

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Hi itsajeepthing, welcome aboard,,,Me and my pop used to catch a lot sea trout at little gull more than 10 years ago in the fall. We have gone back each year and have never had the success we use to down there, In fact, they seem to have dissapeared,,,I am not sure where they went or what has happened to them :? .

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Coop I am registered now, I am a mate on the Angler headboat and we have been catching them real small trout out there while we are croaker fishing, along with some sharks

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Welcome to the board Angler2184. We could use some offshore advice here.

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