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I've given up a couple of hours of sleep 4 of the last 7 days to fish the infamous spot at the N/W corner of the bridge and managed to catch a whole lot of SQUAT ..... oh yeah some grass too.

Fished it last Thurs. on the incoming and hooked up a nice Blue on a 1 1/4 oz. Crippled Herring spoon that spit the hook after leaping a couple feet out of the water and that was it for hook-ups.

I've fished the last three mornings before work from 0500-0630 on what I'll call the R.A.T. bar and hooked up to absolutely nothing. Had a few nibbles but nothing on the hook. Great conditions all three mornings and the bar is good all the way out to the #6 red buoy where it drops off. Fished light with just lures the first morning across the bar, heavy the next day throwing into the channel with 1 1/2 oz. cannon balls with grubs tails and 4" Gulps! and today I broke out the meat (squid strips) and fished the bar with a egg sinker/Flounder rig.

Not much bait in the water yet and I didn't even see any until this morning and it was right next to the bridge piles. My fishing bud Rick C did get a Blue and a short Flattie on Tues. and a 14-15" Flattie today throwing nothing but chartruese Gulps on a 1/4 oz. head all the time but that was it.

I know it's been a slow spring due to the fact that we actually had a cold/cool winter for a change but I really expected more action than this. Anyone else fished the Lynnhaven yet and experienced the same results ?? I know it can't be lack of angling skills :D

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KC...Been a terribly slow spring around here all the way as far as I can tell. Unless ya got a boat, it's just been hit and more miss!

Got my finger crossed something will change again here soon...heck the blues really have not even showed up yet!

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