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Hello folks, I hope everyone is enjoying this fishing season so far; except all the WIND lately!!! Man, one week of light winds and pay with two plus weeks of hard southwest! That is North Carolina Spring for ya! The big (bar highs) will be here soon: “I hope”! Will let’s talk about the windy weather fishing report>>>

The water has really gotten dirty with all the wind lately; when we find clearer water, we are finding the fish. Most of the Spanish and Blues are biting Clark spoons trolled behind #1 planner’s. The Clark spoons that are working the best for us are sizes; 00 and 0 in plan silver and pink flash. When the Spanish are on top feeding and jumping, Maria jig spoons have been the trick. We have also caught a hand full of chopper blues too. These choppers are running in the six to over fifth teen pound range. The choppers are biting big poppers and mid water stick baits. Color really does not seem to matter to those big blues, just a lot of action from the lure!

I’ve seen a few Cobia around the inlets and near shore reefs. Live bait fishing is the best bet for these great fighting fish. Fishing live baits on top as well as on the bottom will get you the best chance at catching a Cobia. I prefer bluefish, mullet and menhaden for bait; what ever is easier to get. To catch a Cobia you’ve got to put your time in, sometimes you catch one right away; sometimes you don’t. That’s why they call it fishing! The Cobia should keep getting better later in to May. It’s time now to book you Cobia trips.

We are seeing a few more Redfish around; most fish have been in the water way, bays and around some of the inlets. As more live bait shows up, more Reds will come out of the ocean and in to the sounds. This is starting to happen, the fishing should pick up in the next few weeks. The Reds we are getting are hitting fresh cut, bait live and scented Saltwater Assassin (Blurp) grubs in colors; drunk monkey and molting. We’ve been rigging these on weed less hooks for grass fishing in some of the bays and flats.

There are some Flounder around, we’ve not caught any great numbers yet, but this should change very soon with the bait showing up. We’ve caught some small to just over keeper size in some of the local creeks and creek mouths. Most are hitting on a falling tide where the bait comes pouring out of the shallows. Mud minnows are work well now; that is until the little mullets show up in good numbers. We are using light Carolina rigs with #1 L42 Eagle claw hooks; going very light on the egg sinker: ¼ to ¾ oz.

Gear used: Spanish, Blues, Reds and Flounder: reels Penn Sargus SG2000 and SG4000 Rods: Ugly Stick Lite 7'0" Med light and Med act. Line: Fire Line crystal in 10 and 20 pound test. Cobia: Penn spinning reel 760L (Live Liner) Rod: Penn Torque 6’6” 30-80 class. Line: forty (40) pound Berkley Big Game braid.

Thanks for taking the time to read this report, get out there and go fishing!

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