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May 10th, 2009

First off - Happy Mothers Day!

The past few days fishing here on the Mosquito Lagoon Has improved tremendously. I mean it has really picked up some. Weather is hot! Like summer time hot. The water levels are rising rapidly causing the fish to spread out. Bait fish are showing up in very big numbers as well.

Redfish have been extremely active in the early morning hours feeding and caught tailing in shallow water. A well place shrimp will do the trick. However the bait of choice the past several days have been fresh caught mud minnows by myself. It seems that these little bait fish are driving the reds absolutely crazy! I mean crazy! Reds are fighting over these things. A freelined mullet set of along grass flats will produce reds as well. The key as always is not to pressure these fish. They will freak out at the slightest noise or movement. Treat it with caution.

Trout are active as well in the early morning hours. Top water will get some very nice strikes. Trying to sight fish these fish is a task but well worth it when you get one. Again a well place mullet will be your best bet. Please try to handle all the fish with extreme care and release them so they may be caught again in the future.


I look forward to seeing all of you out there on the water.

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