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After a few days off Felt good to be Back Out On The Fish Monger

Big Don took this sat told us to round up some of Of regs... Had Pat, Lab, cool hand Al, Orlando and The Broken One . Headed Up to Romers in Da Pea soup fog... Got set Up and had a pic on the incoming...

Bobber Got a beauty @ 22.5 lbs, followed by Dons 20.7lber.... We picked some more shorts and got a total of 7 keepers on romers ... When the incoming tide dropped out so did our bites... Waited for the outgoing but it didnt pick back up for us...

Off to Bottomfishingbiggringif-1.jpg Made a few stops on wrecks but only had a little life move 3 miles south and started picking some ling with very good flurries and Some Biguns as well as some small blackfish... Shifted around and kept picking at em. We wound up with 58 Ling for the box!!!

On the way home we seen Such good Bird Life we had to stop.... And very glad we did... Had Blues Right away but added 2 more Nice Stripers... Including Bobber 40in 27 lber!!! Blues were thick splashing on top spiting up herring.

Wound Up with 9 keeper bass to 27lbs + a bunch of shorts... 58 Ling and Kept a few of the Blues For Friends...

Big Bags Of Meat!!!

Nice Day On the water!!!

Will be adding a few weekday combo Jiggin/clammin - Bottomfishing

Give a buzz to get out!!!






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I would say that's a successful meat run!:icon_pidu:

Nice work!

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