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Captain Steven was not on the water Wednesday but did get several reports to pass along. Capt. Jim had a trip he took them to the spot where I had been on the monster redfish. Jim reported the fish chewed heavily during the hide tide but slowed as the tide receded. His 2 anglers took 11 redfish all over 30”. All 11 were taken on white bait and 2/0 circle hooks. Each redfish was safely returned to the water. Jim also reported snook were eager to pop chummed white baits very nearby. They also took several snapper during the day. Overall a good trip with the large redfish action.

The bait is plentiful on the lower Tampa Bay flats. Technique is simple and easy. Set yourself in 3’ of water over turtle grass. Mix your favorite chum mix and start tossing quarter size chunks. Soon you will see the bait eagerly attacking your chum. Let them get together in big numbers and toss your net. Get your bait in quickly and as calmly as possible. Bouncing or dropping baits on the deck never helps. Bait will die easly if not in a good live well. The water has now reached 80 degrees, when it reaches 85 I start placing frozen milk jugs in the live well to keep the bait frisky.

I also received several Tarpon reports that mirror what I have seen, good numbers of Tarpon in lower Tampa Bay. Look for these silver kings to hang out in the usual places, Egmont Key, the Skyway Bridge and the beaches adjacent to Ft. Desoto. Captain Billy Nobles of the Reel Animals reported large numbers of Tarpon in Charlotte Harbor. We took a 120-130 Tarpon Tuesday night.



The bite is heating up as are the days. Make sure you slather on the sun protection, wear a hat and keep hydrated. You can never drink to much water.

Capt. Steven

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