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Red drum are hitting hard off the surf of the barrier islands. peelers are the bait of choice.

black drum are also off the barrier island surf, but are now beginning to bite off bouy 13 in the bay. fish are being reported up to 75lbs. sea clams are the bait of choice.

flounder are doing well on the seaside if the weather would allow the water to clean up. squid minnows and cut bait are the baits of choice.

croakers are now showing up in the bayside pound nets and should be available here soon. but the bite has begun out of morleys wharf with reports of up to three coolers full in a day. squid and shrimp are the bait of choice.

Striper have been reported around fisherman's island casting bucktails.. they were up to 37inches.

Hope you guys find this helpful. Ive got another month before i get my boat back from tracker marine! Hope i don't miss the drum!

Tight lines.

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