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The Broken one and Mikey were nice enough to invite myself and Wayne up for an afternoon of bass fishing on da TNT... Headed up to back up to Intruder Territory for the second day of Bass Fishing this week!!!eekgif-1.jpg

Met Mikey and up to a.h. around 3:30... Headed out got some bait... Nice seeing Capt Vito Da King and Crew on the Ride Out!

Got anchored up and Bobber marked Good fish on the bottom... Had a few run off and lots of Demons... The southern Indian Tribe Mongers were off to the early start Wayne and Myself Both landed NICE keeper bass.

Mikey Got Spooledtonguegif-1.jpg on his bass...

Boober got the next keeper... Then i Got a couple more,

We missed abunch More good bass bites as well and Ton of blues

I wound up with My Limit of nice size Keeper bass!!! Thanks Bobber for the fun afternoon.

Mikey Da skunk did wind up with a beauty of a skatebiggringif-1.jpg

I am Now Capt Nasty?

Taco Bell is Good!

Good Times




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