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Had an Open Boat Blackfish Trip Today with 5 anglers.... Finally got Steve Seneff aboard after about 4 blowouts along with Phil Wreckfish, Bob Bates, Al Belmont and Delaware Dennis...

Headed Out To the Axel Reef... Same Type Fishing As the day before.... Anchored Up had some life... picked a few Keepers... some shorts life etc. Looked Ok... Rolled or shaved off a couple of good fish. Tide Change current running to the South, wind from the south. Bite died...

Slow for the rest of the day... our Last Drop we picked a couple keepers and shorts.

We wound up with 14 keepers for the day. Ocean got like a washing machine by the end of the day.


Ps wreckfish did not sell his rod he won on the bandit trip... He broke it in with a couple fish/

Some Blow out tide inside check out the pic of da moored Sailboat...


Thanks Again Guys

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