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April 27, 2009 Ms. Molly J. Ward, Mayor 8th Floor, Hampton City Hall 22 Lincoln Street, Hampton, VA 23669 RE: Salt Ponds Beach Public Access Honorable Mayor Molly J. Ward, Virginia Coastal Access Now (VCAN) is a non-profit that represents anglers, beach goers, and environmental advocates working to protect the entire public’s access to Virginia’s beaches and waterways within the Commonwealth of Virginia ’s coastal zone.***** Our non-profit formed as a result of the loss of public access to Virginia ’s coast. VCAN would like to work with you, Hampton City Council, and the City of Hampton to restore real public access for all the residents of Hampton and the Commonwealth to Salt Ponds Beach . Salt Ponds Beach has no public parking at all near the designated public beach access at the end of North First Street. The Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) requires public beach access to the water where public monies are utilized.


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