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Geez, forgot to post this.

The Ft George Inlet and river at the south end of Little Talbot Island on A1A is a beautiful place. There is a finger of sand pointing into the inlet which narrows it down to about 50 yards. The tide rips through there so fast that I wouldn't even think of going through without a boat with 100 horsepower.

Just north of the bridge, you get into eddies and swirls of current and you can see the current lines to fish. Water gets to 28' at the back of the inlet where it gouges the bottom out. I tried anchoring all along the area but the bottom seems like a rock, the anchor bounces and you can feel it scraping as if on solid rock.

Just inside, there is a huge sandbar on the north side, nice place to beach the yak and wade fish. Had one take down but missed it.

Another bar is on the south side just up from the first one.

You have to be in a boat or yak to get to it.

Go at low tide and beach on this bar, grab your cast net and you'll find all the bail you need in the huge "puddles". There were thousands of Mud Minnows there for the taking.

You can launch at the south end of the bridge at the state park. Be very careful during tidal movements, it will take you away if you don't paddle hard. I found the best way to do it is to paddle straight across from the launch (in a yak) and get close to the other side, out of the main current. From there, you can easily go up river on an outgoing tide (or down with an incoming).

To return, be close to the south side and paddle hard at the last moment.

You could stay close to the north side until straight across from the launch, expect a hard paddle across to keep you from going with the tide.

All in all, a really nice place and I will be returning to it.

The Reds are in there along with a bunch of other small stuff.

Just make sure you stay to the inside of the bridge in a paddle boat, the rips are very nasty.

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Finally adding pics.....

This is at the Fort George Inlet in FL.

Cool place and FAST water!




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Steve you always have great pictures! (when you finally get to post them) But where are the fish? I never see fish in your pictures :P

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I catch too many, novelty has worn off.

Nah, I think I scare 'em all off Jeff....

I seem to do more exploring of new areas and don't hit it at the right time. At least I know alll the spots between here and Key West, LOL!!!

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