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hey guys, I got some wahoo lures I picked up last year for sale. I was supposed to mate on a private boat for a week just wahoo fishing and they cancelled on me after I bought these new lures and rigged them up:cussing:. I cant return them since they have been opened and rigged but they have not been anywhere but my closet since I bought them. All but 3 are rigged with cable, tandem hooks, and ball bearing svivels. there are 3 tandem hook sets to go with the 3 that are not rigged. dont remember exactly how much they costs but I think it was between $500-600. will let them go for $400.

1 black bart wahoo candy, 2 big "mylure" jets, 2 medium "mylure" jets, 2 "billy baits", 2 medium jet-heads, 2 large jet-heads, 2 wahoo whackers, 1 hard "bonita" bait, and the 3 extra hooksets for the 3 unrigged baits.


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