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My charter last Tuesday April the 21st was short and not to sweet!!! Short meaning how long the bite lasted before it was off to running from one spot to another trying to get the fish fired up…

Some days are just plain SLOW no matter who you are. It wasn’t the absence of fish it was the lack of feeding fish. Even after the Red bite seemed impossible the trusty Trout were also in some kind of a funk. Then of course add in a little bad luck on 2 nice Red fish that pulled the hook before they got to the boat and 3 nice Trout as well and you have one of those days…

That still didn’t stop us from catching quite a few fish just not the quality we were looking for. On the flip side that is fishing and I will be right back at it.

When the fish are feeding a little funny it hurts a bit more when you lose a few…

I guess that’s why we have Big fish!!!




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