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Had Joe Jigamafish Charter along with Greg Vongas, Smokey Joe High stick, Big Al, Tony trigs, and Herbert.

Stayed and played around some local snags today in 55-70 ft... Started out very slow... As the Morning went on we had a little flurry of keepers and a bunch of shorts... Then we went back to a slow pick bouncing around on a bunch of drops...

We set on the anchor in every direction that is possible today...Once the wind went southand we set still i went to a small wreck i like.... We boxed a bunch of nice keepers and caught some shorts too end the day...

Everyone went Home with a 4 fish limit today... Guys worked hard to grind out a nice catch...

Also caught a fish that survived a spearfisherman, but couldnt get by tony triggs and the Skinniest deformed faced keeper ever... Pics attached

Heard Smokey Joe won a little wager

Joe that stuff on the beach is Sand





Thanks Again Guys

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