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The City of Norfolk may be*****delaying making the needed change to include public access for kayak fishermen*****in hopes this lays down and goes away. So the plan is to hit Norfolk City Council if necessary in the next two sessions May 5 or May 12 if we get no further positive response from City staff that something is actually going to be done. There delay has put folks who were ticketed while parked there to kayak fish the HRBT in a position they felt they had or have to pay because the City has not made the change to allow parking w/o trailers at the Willoughby Boat Ramp. We will keep you all posted on our work with Norfolk to fix this public access problem! Mark VCAN


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I agree. I put a note that says "fishing with a friend". BUT I don't really feel safe leaving my car. I saw some shady guys last time out. Maybe just 'gays" wanting to meet up, but I don't need a broken window for someone to steal $6 in change.

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