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April is quickly passing us by and the Spring fishing will be past soon as well! If you haven’t had a chance to experience some of the fine fishing that we have had recently don’t worry because there is still plenty of time before the heat of the summer is on us.

Weather conditions change often in the month of April and this has happened at least once a week recently. With each temperature change and rain storm our fishing has changed as well.

Fishing in North Biscayne Bay has been pretty good recently with enough variety to keep the anglers happy. Lots of sea trout have been available on many of the grass flats and as of now wwwfishreports.net our biggest has been a 4 pounder caught on a live Spanish sardine fished under a Cajun Thunder. Most of our catches have been made on Cajun Thunders and live shrimp or baitfish but Hook Up lures tipped with a Trigger X shrimp or Gulp soft plastics have worked as well. The Rapala Twichin Raps, Skitter Walks and X Raps are seeing plenty of action as well. Many limit catches have been made on many of our charters but most of the fish have been released to spawn and create new populations of sea trout. Large jack crevalles have been roaming the bay and on almost every charter we have hooked and released or just lost at least one large jack and many small ones. Spanish mackerel and small kingfish have been scattered throughout the bay and a few bluefish have made it to our baits as well. Snook have been available and some big ones have given us a thrill but not made it to the boat. I haven’t seen any tarpon recently but that doesn’t mean that the next cast won’t produce one. Lots of barracudas and a few snappers have also been caught on many of our trips in the bay.

Offshore fishing has been good but everyday has been different with the many weather changes we are experiencing each week. Spanish mackerel, kingfish, bluefish, bonitos and dolphins plus some sailfish have thrilled my clients recently.

Fishing in Flamingo has been good but not great due to high winds from the south to northeast. These winds have muddied up the water and then add the sudden drop in temperatures and the fish have been hard to find but feeding when you do find them. The good thing is that warmer conditions and recent rains will keep the fish moving out of the way back waters and put them into areas that produced great catches of snook, redfish, tarpon, sea trout and many other species. This area will be good for many months once we get out of April.

Freshwater fishing has been outstanding with low low water conditions almost every freshwater canal or lake has had loads of bass and panfish competing for the same food. These conditions can mean hook ups or strikes on almost every cast.

Recent Catches:

Gene H and his daughter Ashley and boyfriend Rajeev teamed up to catch snook, trout, snapper, mackerel and bluefish while fishing Biscayne Bay for four hours.

Mel T and wife Mickey scored on two out of three snook and jacks and then went offshore and released bonitos and kingfish and hooked up on a double header of sailfish but both fish were lost on the light tackle we were using.

The Asher family caught loads of sea trout to three pounds plus barracudas, jacks and mackerel in Biscayne Bay .

The Gomez family took home a bunch of sea trout and a mackerel caught in Biscayne Bay during a four hour charter. The family released a bunch of small kingfish, jacks and barracudas.

Evan, Lilia, Vivian and 5 year old Ariel had there hands full catching lots of sea trout in Biscayne Bay .

The Weinstein family caught loads of sea trout to four pounds plus mackerel, jacks and barracudas fishing Biscayne Bay for four hours.

Ralph M., Terry L and I fished up in Ft.Pierce and caught and released snook, trout and jacks in the Indian River and then went offshore and had a field day on Spanish mackerel and bluefish.

Eddie L fished Biscayne Bay and offshore and caught jacks, barracudas and snappers inshore and then offshore lots of Spanish mackerel and bonitos.

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