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An open invitation for*****all to Lillie Gilbert's upcoming virtual tour of the Lynnhaven to be given at the next Shore Drive Community Coalition (SDCC) meeting, Monday April 27th, at 7:30 p.m. at the Ocean Parks Volunteer Fire Station, Virginia Beach, VA.***** And another reminder for VCAN's Annual General Membership get together cookout Meeting this Saturday April 25th ~ starting 3pm @ VCAN member*****Al Avendano*****house*****725 Avalon Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA, 23464. For directions Google map it or simply call Al or Christine*****@ (757)631-1055. Al will*****be*****grillin' some dogs and burgers*****while*****we talk some public access and fishin' while the kids play. So again feel free to*****join your favorite local public access*****non-profit*****for a reel casual time ;) Hope to see you there and should*****know your going to make it*****a head of time drop us a line. Thanks, Mark et Al*****


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