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For those of you who do not know what the RFFAC is, allow me to give a little background info.

By 2011 all rec. fishermen are facing a Fed. Lic. All proceeds from the Fed. Lic would have gone to the gov't and the rec. fisherman would never see a dime of it. DNREC came to DMS looking for our support in creating a "local" General Fishing Lic. (GFL). Creating a local GFL would have made all proceeds from the GFL revenues available to local fisheries. There was also a federal grant program matching a $3 to every $1 for those states who enacted thier own GFL.

DMS would not support such policy without a council being created to oversee the appropiations of these funds. DMS refused to write a "blank check" to the state, with no oversight.

DMS contacted our legislators about this concern. After a couple of years of deliberation between DMS and DNREC, the council was formed. The council is the "Recreational Fishing Funding Advisory Council". I was appointed to the council last year. There are several on the council from B&T shops, Charter Capt's, Legislators, DMS and others.

Althought DMS will never see a "direct" benefit from the formation of this council, it is this type of unselfish thinking that makes DMS what it is today. Our beaches fall under P&R juristiction and the funds from the GFL are F&W. Every anglers in Delaware will benefit from this, but the surf fishermen.

DMS also pushed for a Fishermen Identification Number (FIN) to comply with the Magnuson Stevens Act (MSA) signed into law by Pres. Bush in 2007. The MSA required all Rec. fishermen to be accounted for in thier statisical survey. The FIN now complies with the MSA in <ACRONYM title=Delaware>De</ACRONYM>. There will be no charge for the FIN number for fishermen

Delaware is now a model for other states to follow in securing thier local fisheries and resources for generations to come. I am proud to be a member of this council and being a major part of having it formed.

Here is what has been done with the funds from our GFL so far. Keep in mind, a portion of the proceeds goes to our Fin-fisheries Advisory Council for species management as well.

The cape Henlopen State Park Pier is now being repaired and the first phase will be completed by Memorial day. The pilings are being jacketed and epoxy fiberglass poured in to strengthen the pilings. This procedure is expected to last for up to thirty years. The first phase will take it to past the first break at which time they will be able to continue the repairs possibly out to the T. The funds given to Parks and Recreation from license matching monies was 500,000 and the bid for the first phase was lower than expected leaving more money for additional repairs possibly way out to the T.

Also the Lewes boat launch ramp has been completed

Faulkner’s pier at Bowers Beach is completed

Mulberry Landing on Assawoman Bay is completed

Scheduled for 2009 is the Augustine boat launch ramp dredging and breakwater jetty to relieve the accumulation of sediment shoaling so that the ramp will be usable.

Also Cedar Creek access area repairs, Bowers Beach bulkhead in front of the CG station,Scotton Landing,Garrison Lake, Port Mahon dock next to boat ramp.

Your license money is working for you. The next meeting is scheduled for September at which time we will know the amount of revenues and decide on any additional new projects.

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Morty, first of all thank you for keeping all of us updated on everything that is going on. Second, hope you did well today if you did make it to AI. And third I just want to make sure everything went through with my DMS membership, I signed up at Lurefest but have not recieved any Email or anything confirming this. Thanks again.

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No thanks needed, my friend. As for the membership, I turned them in this month meeting. The membership sec. has to go thought the process and all. I am sure you will be seeing it shorly. If not, let me know. Thanks for the support.:icon_thumleft:

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