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Fire/Power Outage/Tuna/Yes Tuna!

Sorry for the delay on the fish report amigos, yesterday and today (probably the next few days realistically)we have and will be without power. Everyone is safe and sound, but there was an electrical fire at an office/bodega that is rented by the Bucaneer Queen (a local pirate like tourist boat.) Evidently, the majority of the wiring is housed in a closet in or around their office and something malfunctioned. So, no electricity in Marina Cabo Plaza/

That being said, we have had our hands full with the power outage. Had to run back to back to back extension cords to get a lamp in the office this morning and the credit card machine working. Those two things are the least of our worries though. The real problem is the freezers, and the fish in the freezers. Luckily, the last of the client fish was picked up right before the outage, but there are still random filets that people have left and our own personal stash as well.

That being said, could the Tuna pick a worse time to show up? And in huge numbers. I'll get to the reason why a little later, a few of you may have an idea why already.

So let's get back to Monday. Two boats on the calendar, ReelRum and RumRunnin'. Omar and Javier and I were talking in the morning (a captains meeting if you will,) and Javier was mentioning that he had heard of some action out near the 1150 bank on the Sea of Cortez. Couldn't pull the Terrafin Sea Surface temperature because of the electricity problems, but I thought I had seen some warm water heading into the Pacific as well. Omar and Americo had Shelley and Sharon on board, two sisters from Ohio who were feeling adventurous and tried something they had never done before. Way to pull the pin ladies! Sharon was a little nervous before they took off, but after some good natured ribbing, they were ready and excited. Omar stayed true to his plan and headed for the 1150 Bank. There they were lucky enough to see a bunch of Marlin, two breaching whales, and plenty of sea life. They had fun fighting several squid that they released and they brought in a real nice Dorado. Congrats ladies, thanks for giving sportfishing a try! Come back and see us soon.

Javier and Manuel had Mike and Angela from Canada. Mike has fished with us in the past and walked into the office late Sunday afternoon. We got them booked up for Monday as that was all we had left for the week. I told Mike that the fishing offshore was a bit slow, nonetheless he was ready for whatever. We often say, come with a good attitude and you will come back at the end of the day happy. This epitomizes Mike. Javier got another call from a friend on the radio and he told him to change course from the 1150 Bank and head over towards San Jaime. The warm water had continued it's path and San Jaime bank had nice blue, 72 degree water. As they approached the bank and started to see signs of life, a tailing Marlin on the surface caught their eye. Manuel pitched the bait and set the hook and the fight was on. Mike was looking to beat his Marlin personal best of 101 inches. This one taped out at 100, just shy. Shortly thereafter, they hit the jackpot. They found porpoise and they were holding Tuna. Mike and Angela reeled in their limit of 6 and headed back for lunch and a beer. First nice school of Yellowfin of 2009!

April 21st.

Yesterday's large Yellowfin school was talk of the town this morning, with each Captain almost giddy about heading out and finding the school again. Marshall on the Red Beam had a cruise ship client that was scheduled to arrive at 9:30am and he was worried the other boys would catch all the fish before he got there. It was almost amusing watching him stress out.

Apparently the cruise ship was late, because George and Rene went over to wait for the clients and were still waiting at 10:15am. Well the Adams crew did end up getting out on the water, but they didn't have time to get out past San Jaime where the Yellowfin were. Marshall opted instead to head towards Punta Ballena and Chileno Bay. There they found an assortment of inshore fish and, of course, Squid. Water was 73-74 but a bit on the greenish side.

Next we had a huge crew of 9 who had reserved El Nuevo and RumRunnin for the day. We had the Hansen crew made up of Jen, Matt, Ty and Camden. The Luna's (moon in Spanish,) Jay and Tara, the Painton's Laurie, and trip co-ordinator Terry, and finally Ken Burnham. Javier on RumRunnin led the way and Alex followed with El Nuevo as they headed back out to the San Jaime region looking for that school of Yellowfin and that nice blue water. Well, they certainly found them. After the boats were back and the totals were tallied, 27 Yellowfin (of which many were released) and 2 Dorado were caught. Special congratulations to Matt Hansen who was super stoked on his first ever Dorado!

Now, here is where you savvy folks might understand the dilemma we were in when folks came back with heaps of fish. We had no way to vacuum seal the fish, and no way to freeze. As you know and the clients understood, this was completely out of our control. We devised a plan though, and made sure all the fish was taken care of. Thanks to all the clients today and in the coming days who understand that this is out of our control.

Next to return was Omar and Cesar on ReelRum. They had John and Zachy Farrell, newlyweds from Atlanta. They were honeymooning (?) and couldn't be happier when they arrived in the morning, high on love! Once again, great attitude, phenominal day on the water. Omar headed to San Jaime as well, but after catching a few Yellowfin, John wanted to try for something a little bigger. We are very happy to announce that RedRum Sportfishing was the cause of the first fight of their new marriage. Omar hooked 3 Marlin for the lovers to battle, and they were able to bring in all 3 for Catch and Release. "Fight Marlin, not each other!" -RedRum Sportfishing advice on Love and Life.

Finally, we had Bill and Gayl Kirkpatrick along with their friends Bill and Kelli Boswell from Atlanta as well. Bill had met John at a fishing show in California recently and decided to get hooked up while they were down here. Rafael was their Captain today on Anzuelo II and he had a phenominal day on the water. He too, headed for San Jaime with a livewell full of Caballito's. The Kirkpatrick's and Boswell's came in after to let me know what a great day they had had. And Gayl even reeled in her first (and second and third and fourth) Tuna ever. When it was said and done they had caught (and released,most) nearly 25 Yellowfin and also caught 4 Dorado. One of the Dorado was a big bull, measuring out 52 inches. Bill decided a fiberglass reproduction would of the fish would look real good hanging in the house back home.

Fabulous two days on the water for RedRum.

Hear is to hoping the Tuna are still around for my big sister who arrives Friday!

-Ryan Donovan

Team RedRum

Cabo San Lucas Mexico Sports Fishing Charter Boats – Redrum Sportfishing

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