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We met our only two brave customers Dave from Richmond and RW from Lynchburg at 2:45 AM and loaded up the boat with their gear for the weekend!! We left around 3:15 AM out of our winter home in Hampton, VA to head to our summer home of Hatteras, NC. We pulled out of the inlet and headed south and were greeted by a strong North East wind……We cleared the Bay Bridge Tunnel and set our next waypoint just a little South East of the Tuna Hole. We cleared the Charlie Tower and watched the sun come up over the horizon we new then this was our day! I got a report from a fellow friend Capt Kevin Bremmer that there was a good bite between the 500 and the 600 line down south and based on that report and the sat shots we locked in on the 400 fathom area. We watched our water temps rise up from a chilly 49 to around 68 and started seeing good bird sign so we set out our spread of Everol Reels and Custom BayRunner Rods rigged up with a mix of colorful custom made sea witch style lures and custom chrome bullet head Ilander like lures in blue/white/chartreuse, pink/white, purple/blue and purple/black colors. Shortly after the spread was out Dave and Capt Rob see what we are looking for BIG TUNA MARKS!!! Before they could turn around and say something we had three rods go SCREAMING!!! With only four people on the boat our two lucky anglers one of which had never caught a tuna were strapped into harnesses and on two of the three rods…….I made sure all was good and went to grab the third and before I could touch it, it went slack….. oh well, we had our hands full already with the two other fish screaming off drag in opposite directions OF COURSE!!! Both anglers fought their fish while I cleared the other four rods and then we had RW’s fish come loose and Dave fought his fish for the next 20 minutes and we saw it twice then it made one final run before the line went slack. What a disappointment as we got the line in and found the 130lb leader frayed…..I got the spread back out and before I could get the final rod rigged up we had a single and then a double!!! Both anglers jumped back into battle mode Dave’s fish made a hot run and then decided to run back at us!!! While Dave was reeling his butt off RW’s fish had NEVER STOPPED!!!! I looked down at the reel RW was holding and over ¾ of the spool was gone!! Dave’s fish worked him over pretty good for the next hour as we had RW just keep tension on his and left his fish further off while we concentrated on getting Dave’s to the boat…….about 10 minutes later I was able to get the leader and a good gaff shot so I took it…….BIG TUNA !!!! I opened the tuna door and pulled this awesome fish into the boat!! I bled the fish and went to help RW get his to the boat quickly so we could get a good healthy release on it………about 30 minutes later and some great boat maneuvering by Capt Rob I was able to get a great lip gaff shot on his equally awesome tuna!! We get it in the boat for a few pics of RW’s first tuna EVER……and then put it back in and swam it back till she was kicking good then I slid the gaff out and watched her kick powerfully away! It was around 2:30 and these guys were WHOOPED!!! We had about a 60 mile plus ride back into the inlet and wanted to be able to weigh our fish in and get the boat ready to fish again! We pulled into Hatteras Landing Marina where Billy who runs the marina and Devon the MASTER fish cleaner were eagerly awaiting our arrival! Here are a few pics of the guys and the battle of those awesome fish that demand respect!

We fished Saturday with a great crew adding Billy of Team Jack Ass fame, Dennis aka Hook in Finger, along with a regular group of guys from Lynchburg. Our day was not as action packed as Friday, but we managed some meat in the box as well as some fine Fat Albert strip baits for bailing dolphin this year!!! Come on down and visit us, the facilities and crew at Hatteras Landing are very welcoming and family friendly!!












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Looks great wish I could of made it but I had a very close friend of mine that was killed in a car accident his father was killed as well . It's been rough.

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Kingfisher sorry to hear of your loss brother........keep on keepin on.....thoughts are with you and your friends family and loved ones....

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Thanks Guys! We missed you Brian.....would of loved to hook you into one of those beasts!! There was plenty of action....being only two anglers on the boat I made sure once we hooked up that I cleared all the other rods as fast as I could!!! They were all over us!! You could see them in the swells........a lifetime memory!! Sure hope you guys get to experience it at least once if you havent yet!

The yellow fin bite is on in Hatteras and the Mahi and Wahoo are making a good showing as well....come on down and check us out!!!!! We are booking up for key dates you can hold yours with a deposit! Even if you dont come down to fish with us at least stop by and say hi! I like to talk and share war stories over a cold drink!

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