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Despite dealing with some high winds over the last few weeks the Trout bite is not slowing down. I guess we are getting March winds in April…

My father always told me that fish didn’t know the wind was blowing but it makes it hard to fish sometimes. If you can’t present the bait to the fish they are hard to catch!!!

Fishing with Sean Slaton from south Texas a few days ago all we did was float fish live shrimp for Trout. We caught fish for just about the whole 4 hour trip. Pretty much all Trout with some Blue fish and 2 Sheepshead mixed in.

There is nothing like seeing the cork go down and setting the hook. Sean also fished alone so he invited me to fish along which is always my fave!

We ended up catching over 30 fish total with never a dull moment. And we also had some very nice Trout in the mix.





Thanks for a great time Sean.

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Nice looking Trout!

I hope to get some tomorrow at the mouth of the Ft George River.

I hear the Reds are there too.

Will launch the kayaks at the bridge.

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Very nice Trout. Thanks for the pictures.

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