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Searched long and hard for somewhere to fish yesterday to stay out the the howling wind. Finally went out of Camp Pennecamp and turned north to go into Largo Sound.

Turned the corner into the sound and was met with a blast of wind and whitecaps. Tried for a bit but hard to get anywhere.

Came back in and worked our way through the mangroves and crossed over the sound at a narrow point. Headed toward the flats looking for tailing Bonefish. Was difficult to see because of the whitecaps. Kept heading toward the edge of the mangroves on the flats and realized how shallow this yak WON'T go, LOL! I got grounded in 3 inches of water, clear in 4 inches. Only way off was into the wind and through the weeds, whew!!

Decided to bag the flats and stay in the mangroves on the south end of the sound. Virgin territory to me, tight squeeze too. Heard my drag go off and wondered what the ????? I snagged a tree with the pole tip and line, sheesh... Had to put the rods down flat into the yak and squeeze through the groves. Finally opened up and found good calm water.

Scouted around and saw plenty of Mangrove Snappers and small Barracuda. Depth finder indicated 4 feet, crystal clear water. Lowered the anchor on what I thought was the bottom. It wasn't. It dropped on the back of a 5 foot Ray that was rooting in the grass. I don't know which one of us was more surprised. He came flying out of the grass and scared the stuffings out of me.

Finally found true bottom and anchor held. Tossed a segment of shrimp and started catching bait. Got Mangroves and Pinfish within seconds of every cast. Every Cuda swallowed the hook. Went ahead and put a few Cuda out on heavy line for a nice Chark or Tarpon. Wanted to get a few big Snappers for chow but the little bait snatchers kept grabbing it. I started dipping the line in the water in front of the big ones in hopes of getting a few of 'em. They wouldn't touch it. Even used whole live shrimp.

Suddenly, the open drag on the heavy rig went screaming. Of course I was holding the other pole. Finally set the drag and slowed the critter. Pretty nice fight and started pulling me around the mangrove, of course it was toward the groves and rough. Got my head caught in between the gnarles of the mangroves and was still fighting the beast, as he kept taking drag and getting my face whacked with the whip-like branches.

At one point, my face went through about a dozen huge cob webs. Spiders just aren't my thing, I get freaked by them.

All of a sudden I felt something running across my neck, oh man, I think I got wet in the seat area, and it wasn't from the "water" under me. Well, I bout leaped out of the yak but only managed to get stuck in the branches again, including the pole, which still had the critter on. Here I am flailing around like a man on fire and see two lizards drop in my lap. I didn't notice they were lizards at first, I think I scared off every bird within 5 miles with my shreak.

Ok, got over that and got out of the tangles. The water crashed with a hugh fin. I hollared Shark! I then tried to figure out how I was going to land it. These Charkeys have some nice dentures. Got it closer and realized that the Ray I upset earlier on got the last laugh on my account. It was him.... The fin I thought I saw was a wing. I got it in closer and didn't want to deal with a 3 foot whip tail and cut it loose.

Putz about for another hour and decided to head in. I had forgot the GPS and had no idea where I was. Glad I put a regular compass in the yak. Got back, showered, ate (no decent catch today) and downed a few cold brews.

Today, made the schlep to Amelia Island (7 hours north). I'll scout it out tomorrow and drop a line Tuesday.

I'll see what trouble I can get into......

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