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This afternoon, Frank and his buddies joined the Frequent Flyer II to go deep sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Live bait was MIA today, there wasn’t any available. A friend of mine, also a local fisherman, was so kind and gave us two dozen thread fin herrings. With our live bait situation settled, we were ready to go look for the Atlantic Sailfish.

Trolling to our destination, we hooked a few Bonito and six King Mackerel. Trolling was on point today, but we were so anxious to use our thread fins, we popped the kites. Not more than ten minutes passed before the clip from the right kite popped open. All of a sudden a big mama jumped all the way out of the water, pouncing on the surface. She couldn’t pass up our precious bait, she really went for it. We were in the right place, at the right time, with the right bait, presented the right way. Justin set the hook as Frank called dibs on the rod. He jumped in the fighting chair with excitement, knowing it was going to be a great fight. The Ballerina of the Sea put on a 30 minute parade, jumping all over the ocean right before our eyes. The power of this fish was impressive. After a 30 minute battle between Frank and the Sail, Justin was able to get the leader. When Frank saw the size of his fish, he couldn’t hold back the smile. Frank and his buddies got a few pictures for keepsake, and we released the Sailfish for a future fight.




Sail fishing off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, particularly in April, is nothing short of epic. Fort Lauderdale provides an ideal Sailfish season for the inexperienced angler looking to land a pelagic and a great place for the pros to enjoy another great day on the water.

You only have a short time left to head offshore and hook up with a Sailfish. The countdown has begun, as May is the last hurrah.

Let’s get out there and catch some fish.

Tight Lines!

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