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Well I am thinking about sharkin season. Some of you guys have seen this on the other board. I need a bug suit this summer. Anyone know where I can get a suit????

Can't wait for summer and sharkin! I suppose I will try to fish for stripers but the more I do it the more they don't really do it for me. My experience at least tells me that they really have no fight in them. I have reeled a bunch of them right up on the beach with no pulling of drag. Maybe I am catching the wrong stripers though???

Anyway for me sharkin is where it's at.

I have found a calm ocean with no wind or west wind to be the best. What do you guys think about that?

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I agree Phil, no comparison in the fight. I pretty much throw back everything I catch and I would rather fish in warm conditions that I can yak in. A west wind and flat water is perfect for taking a bait out.

I know how you are, you love fishing and want to feel the fight.

Everyone has their preferences.

You can buy the very very lightweight clothes at Bass Pro and other places that the guides use to keep the sun off themselves.

I don't know the name brands, maybe I'll stop by Bass Pro in Islamorada later today and look.

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