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After everyone Got wet floundering over the weekend it was our turn.

Had Paulie, Paul and Paul aboard todaybiggringif-1.jpg . Paulie (14a) Paul Fishing Analyst and his father Paul.

With the slow reports from the sunny day before we didnt expect them jumping in da boat but they all wanted to fish off we went.

Headed up to the bay for the last 2 hours of outgoing.... 1 bites 1 fish... Made a few more drops nothing...

Headed back to the river... anchored up and we caught 2 more fish for the day.

3 keepers for da daymadgif-1.jpg

Despite the terrible fishing we had a lot of laughs.

Gonna look at the river for a full trip next time out... Been a few caught there this week. We always seem to get a good bite there before there gone.

Will be back at it thurs fri sat... will keep ya posted as always.


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Fish Monger Charters

Brielle Marine Basin,Brielle NJ

Capt. Jerry (732) 688-0765

Capt. Wayne (732) 688-2933


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