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Fellow fishermen(women),

I am a CT charter boat captain and have lots of local friends who like to do cod trips. The replies I would like to see to this request would contain the boat, what is caught, and your personal thoughts on the crew and boat. Any pictures would be great too. Our last trip up there cod fishing was opening day of Stillwagon Bank. We went on the AMERICAN CLASSIC out of Lynn, MA. We all limited out on cod and had a mixture of pollock and Haddock. A Great time was had by all. The Captain and crew are excellent (the crew was so helpful they sometime were in our way - being professionals we normally don't need help). Will we go again - you can count on it. We will probably be up again in a couple of weeks. The trip we were on start at 4AM and returns at 5PM and only cost $125.00 a person. Captain Walsh told us he normally will run these trips on weekends. With only 30 fishermen on a 95' boat we had lots of elbow room.

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