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Today I had a half day charter with a bank V.P. and his 13 year old son. Their goal was to have fun, catch some fish and enjoy a day on the water. We started and ended the day in the finger channels and while they caught plenty of fish and had plenty of laughs, for me this picture illustrates the highlight for me. I love to see fathers dedicating quality time to their kids.

The son, who turns out out-fished his father, started the day not knowing how to cast a spinning reel. By trips end, he was flinging casts and setting hooks as if he had been doing it all his life.

Kids will not remember they had all the latest gadgets and clothes but they will always remember days like these. Take your kids out and spend time with them and you will be creating memories they will cherish for a lifetime.

The tarpon and permit fishing will only get better as the weeks progress. The bonefishing should stay good with some great tailing activity as we begin to get a few windless mornings as we had this weekend. The bigger snappers and groupers are pretty much out of the finger channels but the patch reefs will hold some nice fish along with some surprises still.

So get out there, take your kids with you and make that drag scream.

Capt. Mo Estevez





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